Thursday, 15 November 2012

Writings by SADIE SHRUB

SHEETH HAG’       by Sadie Shrub
Knocking on wonder’s door
She drifts among dreams and shadow lands
She is Sheeth Hag
Lilith Mazi-Aztarte
But you can call her Lily

She is the twisted ugly beauty
Of a dead life
She is clear of vision in her blind eye
Just as painted perfect features halves her face
To a grotesque mask

She lives in earth’s graveyard
Amongst tangled limbs of Breasted Yew
Bearing Male protrusions and full of fruit
Wise old roots soak up years of re-cycled humans

She is Destroyer and Creator
Weapon wielding Durga Ma
Mother, Goddess, Crone, Huntress for the Full Moon
She drinks sacred femininity
Menstruation blood and semen feed her power

You will find her in the beginning
And at the end of a circle
Forging in her crucible
She is weaving words
To whisper in your ear
“In the midst of Life
We are in Death”


The Void
The Bright
Dark and Night
Original Sin
Original Light
Nothing is Original
Balance of Equality
Ebony and Ivory
A harmonious Union
Yoni Yin
Lingam Lang
Balance of Opposites
Extremes of
Good and Evil
To become
A whole
Equally divided
The Creation and Destruction
Of Abyss
By splitting the Atom
We created the Bomb
About finding balance
Weighing up the scales
When they Equal
There is Nothing

Written in dedication to all souls lost and found, for the unborn, and for Kev.