Saturday, 24 October 2009


Strokes in the water,
The river strokes me back,
I respond to the changes in depth, texture,...
Smooth, reflective surface,
Breaks beneath my wooden extention of shoulder, arm, hand..
Reaching into the inky tension
Fat, liquid body...

Neptune bubbles in slumber
Icy fingers beckon through eddies and whirls,
Longing invitations to join the depths of our river's darker side...
Skeleton ribs line the banks,
Shipwrecked souls in history,
Our vessel breathes new life,
Paddles still, we are swept along trustful, hlepless
Held safely by the flow of current...
Prehistoric visions of deep gorged valley
Sides covered in thick forest
Twiggy branches threatening to snap,
Overcome beneath cormorants
Who shift bulky bodies,
Spreading damp wings
Cathcing glimpses of evasive flight
Magnificent fisher king, King of the Fishes
Flash of irridescent blue, orange breast


Sunset colours streak the dusky sky
Smell of wood smoke
Pop and snap of bladderwrack beneath muddy feet
As light fades, Jupiter revealed,
Silouetted swan glides into view
Splashing heartbeat, we row as one,
Closer now we humans to Natures embrace
A star shoots across the galaxy,
Light years transport my wish
For this lasting moment on the Dart.